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fire tv services

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Fire TV is a streaming service developed by Amazon Inc. It is a digital media player that comes with a micro-console remote. Amazon Fire TV allows the user to stream audio and video digitally to an HD TV through the home internet network.

It is also known as ‘Amazon Fire’. The Fire TV is developed by Amazon and manufactured by Foxconn. The Amazon headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, USA, whereas Foxconn is situated in Taipei, Taiwan. Fire TV is built on the specially made Fire OS.

We all know Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. They plan to use this to make Fire TV popular. The system is similar to Apple TV and Roku, albeit some differentiating qualities. Aside from Fire TV, the other original products that Amazon offers are the popular Fire TV tablet and eBook service Kindle Fire.

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The Google vs. Amazon Feud

The two massive technology corporations, Google and Amazon have been at odds with each other and this has spilled into the streaming services battleground.

In terms of smart home integration, Amazon Echo is outdoing Google Home. Google had actually stripped YouTube from Fire TV in response to Amazon’s refusal to sell Chromecast on the Amazon site.

Google has its own service in the form of Android TV, and Chromecast has a slight lead over Fire TV when it comes to users. Both these tech giants are planning to leverage their merits and play to their strengths when it comes to selling their products.

Future of Fire TV

Now, the Fire TV Stick offers Netflix, Watch ESPN, HBO NOW, and BBC News, along with other channels and apps. Sometimes ‘Fire TV’ will refer only to the set-top box whereas ‘Fire TV Stick’ is the plugin stick.Amazon Fire TV now comes with an Alexa remote which also has a voice-enabled search. This allows you to watch TV “live”, in a way. 

People who are subscribed to Amazon Prime also have access to live TV channels along with the apps and pre-saved movies and shows. One of Amazon’s greatest advantages when it comes to Fire TV is the voice assistant Alexa. 

Alexa is the leading voice assistant in the world and Amazon’s plans to use this to boost the Fire TV.Amazon also plans to branch out Fire TV to become more than just a TV streaming service into a smart home system. 

Amazon believes that voice will drive the future and lead to different things, not just for smart TVs, but other stuff as well. They also say that streaming services open up windows that standard cable and satellite television weren’t able to offer.There are also rumors of late that Amazon plans to launch the Fire TV Cube soon. 

Amazon has a page on their website that has “What is Fire TV Cube?”, but with no further details. This will likely be the next version of Fire TV. Amazon is looking for ways to give people more power over their content. This includes both viewers and creators. 

They are expected to give more tools based around adjusting what people see and hear.They want people to be able to adjust the temperature or through Alexa and Fire TV as well. It should develop into a complete home control system.


Fire TV Services from Dhruv Consultancy Services

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. Dhruv Consultancy Services can help you take advantage of this. You can either have a video made for TV or just a video on another site moved to Amazon Fire TV. 

Dhruv can help to strategically position your content on the Amazon Fire TV, thereby exposing you to a greater audience. We just take the content you have and push it somewhere else, in this case, an OTT platform. We can assist you in placing, distributing, and monetizing your content on Amazon Fire TV. We can ignite the fire within your belly. DCS can be your navigator to success. Contact us now.


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